Best Microwaves Under $100 [Microwave Buying Guide Included]

Are you searching for the best microwaves under $100? There are too many microwaves in this range which you can find on any online shopping sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Also, believe me almost 70% of them will end up in your storage unit. Why?

Because they don’t have what you had expected. They don’t have the features that you had expected from them. Because they are not the worth the price you paid. Because you might be a little ashamed of showing that in front of your friends.

However, we have prepared the list of best microwaves ovens which is in your budget and performs well. To be specific, they are totally worth your money.

We have checked all the aspects of these microwaves and proved them as the best among all. These can be called as “Best microwaves under $100”.

Best Microwave Buying Guide

We do have the list of best microwaves in this guide. However, I also wanted to teach you how to select the best microwave yourself. So, I also created this microwave buying guide for you.

Most of the people search for microwave especially to reheat, defrost and cook. So, you should make sure that the microwave you choose has these essential functions.

The next thing is the microwave size. People do have the specific purpose to buy a microwave. If you’re planning to cook something big in the microwave, then you make sure to buy a big microwave.

Also, you might face confusion while choosing the type of microwaves. There are three types of microwaves, countertop, over the range and drawer. Over the range and drawer microwave are fixed one whereas countertop is movable. I recommend people to buy countertop microwaves since they’re super easy to maintain. In this list also all the microwaves are countertop microwaves.

Other things you should check is how much power does the microwave use, and other basic features. Check if the microwave has the warranty or not. Do check if the microwave has the shortcut to some basic cooking like popcorns, frozen food, etc.

If you check all these aspects properly then you yourself can find the best microwave.

Best Microwaves Under $100

Here in this list, we have listed the best microwaves that are in your budget. We have focused on price, size, power consumption and features to create this list. However, if you don’t find the correct one in this guide, then you can always refer to above-mentioned microwave buying guide to find right one yourself.

Oster 1.3 cu ft Microwave Oven (EG034AL7-X1)

This is probably the best microwave under $100. Believe me, I am serious. You cannot get features like this in any other microwaves. I mean, the price and the features in this microwave are not comparable with any of the microwave listed below. And the best part is, it is microwave under $100. This microwave has an excellent design due to which no one can ever believe that this microwave is this cheap.

Oster microwave is the best value for your money. The design and the features, no other microwave in this list has features like this. Plus, our special discount which you can get by clicking the link below will make this microwave outstanding.

  • Grill Function
  • 6 Quick Shortcuts
  • 1000 W Microwave
  • 1.3 Cu Ft
  • Child Lock System
  • Awesome Finish
  • The brand is not a recognized one

Hamilton Beach 1.3 cu.ft Microwave Oven (HB-P10034AP-M4B)

Best microwaves under $100

Now it is time for another best microwave available within your budget. The microwave mentioned above and this one, they both are almost similar. The only difference is price and few features. Generally, this microwave is above $100 but we have arranged a special link for you with which you can get this in only $69. Hence, this is also the best deal for you

This is also one of best microwave under $100. However, I would recommend taking the first microwave than this. Ther reason? The design and few features are outstanding. Here is the major highlight below you need to notice.

  • 1000 Watt/10 Power Levels
  • 1.3 Cu Ft Large
  • 6 Shortcut Functions
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Poor design
  • This pricing is only for US people

Hamilton Beach 1.1 Cu Ft Microwave Oven (EM031MZC-X1)

This is probably one of the best microwaves under $100. This is large enough for an average person. This microwave oven has everything that a “normal” person needs in their house. From the awesome features and shortcuts to cool aluminum finish. Hamilton Beach microwave has really got something for you to offer.

The only difference between the microwaves that are priced $200+ is the size. Elsewise, it has all the features that a microwave should have. I highly recommend everyone to get this microwave.

  • 1000 Watt Microwave
  • 6 QuickSet Options
  • 1.1 Cu Ft Large
  • Cool aluminium finish
  • Child Safe Lock
  • None (Best value ever for your price)

Hamilton Beach 1.1 cu ft Microwave Oven

Hamilton Beach Microwve Under $100

“Hamilton Beach” You will hear this name much time when you’re searching for cheap microwave with good features. This company has many similar microwaves under $100. This microwave is also among all other they have. This microwave is exactly like the above-mentioned microwave and all the features are same. The only difference is price and size.

One thing I don’t understand is this one is even smaller than before one and have some fewer features also. However, the price is even more than previous ones. Also, the reviews of this microwave are truly not so positive. So, I would prefer going for some of above or others below than this. 

  • 1000 Watt/10 Power Levels
  • 1.3 Cu Ft Large
  • 6 Shortcut Functions
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Poor design
  • Over Priced
  • Few negative reviews from users

Hamilton Beach 0.7 CU.Ft. Microwave (EM720CGA-PMB)

Best microwaves under $100We have mentioned this brand so many times that you might’ve started to think we are writing biased reviews. But what can we do? All the best microwaves under $100 is made by them. This microwave is the cheapest microwave on our list. Actually, if we write an article on best microwaves under $50 then also this will be included.

Along with the price the features are also excellent. The only difference this microwave and one mentioned at the first is size and design. This is perfect for the college students who want to make quick food in the microwave.

  • 6 Shortcut Functions
  • Cheapest Microwave
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Poor design
  • 700 Watt
  • Small size (Best according to price)

Conclusion: Best Microwaves Under $100

So, this was it! As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are many microwaves under $100. However, there are only quite a few with best features and within your budget. As far as we know with our years of expertise in the industry, these are the best ones. I hope I was able to help you find the microwave that meets your requirements.

If you’re still having the confusion on which microwave to choose among all these microwaves in the list. I can still help you! If you want a microwave for your family, then none of the microwaves is better than the Oster 1.3 Cu.ft microwave. This microwave has all the things to meet all the requirements of a family. However, if you’re a student then I highly recommend you to buy the Hamilton Beach 0.7 CU.  FT Microwave. It has all the features that a student needs plus it is in budget.

If you know any other microwaves that is true combination of budget + features then do comment below. We’ll check them out and add in the list if they’re worth the mention.

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